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Our book Ready to Launch: An Entrepreneur’s Guide to Developing Software On-time and In-Budget provides a step by step blueprint for successful software development. This proven methodology for developing software on time and in budget guides entrepreneurs from concepts like establishing a culture of urgency and accountability to defining the vision and creating a rock-solid plan.

With our book, you will never need to rely on freelancer sites or the recommendation of a friend's cousin who does some coding on the weekends. Just one more way SerpicoDEV proves that we are the software creation shop for entrepreneurs.

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This book is designed to provide entrepreneurs with a blueprint for successful software development and technology implementation.The unfortunate reality is that quality software development and technology implementation is not readily available to most startups and small business entrepreneurs. Great entrepreneurs are met with small thinkers when searching for a development team via online freelancer sites, or the recommendation of a friend’s cousin who may code on weekends. Or they are faced with development companies that impose business models that do not align with the entrepreneurial spirit. In this book, Vincent Serpico shares his organization's (SerpicoDev) proven methodology for developing software on-time and in-budget, from establishing a culture of urgency and accountability to defining your vision and creating a rock-solid plan. You'll learn how to create flow diagrams, wireframes, mockups, and development timelines/roadmaps as well as best practices for project implementation and launch.

Do you have a small, established business that needs to move into the digital era with custom software or apps? READ THIS BOOK. If the terminology seems confusing, just read the CASE STUDIES. […] This is a no-nonsense methodology that takes the best of Design Thinking and Agile Scrum, applies it to the real-world challenges of running a small business, and teaches you what to look for in a software consulting firm.

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