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Why work with Us?

The key to successful software development is communication. Business stakeholders and business analysts must be in lock-step. A good business analyst must be able to get into the mind of the stakeholders and really understand what it is they want. This means not just understanding what the product is, but understanding what the goals of the product are. By understanding the stakeholders' "why", a business analyst is properly equipped to translate those goals to the project manager.

At SerpicoDEV, our business analysts have the business experience to dig deep and ask the right questions. We take the time to truly understand what you are trying to achieve. As such, we are always available for you to ask questions, express concerns, or just chat and bounce ideas off us. This type of open communication ensures we are all on the same page and marching to the same drum.

Of course, all of SerpicoDEV's business analysts are also project managers and experienced software architects. This is an amazing advantage that SerpicoDEV offers. We call these business analysts / project managers / software architects "Software Solution Experts". A Software Solution Expert can translate the stakeholder's goals to a team of developers and testers. By positioning this key person between the developers and the business stakeholders, SerpicoDEV affords you the best possible vehicle to speak to the development team and be assured that your goals are being successfully implemented as a quality software solution.