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The backbone of SerpicoDEV are the developers, designers and testers who make up our team. SerpicoDEV employs a rigid screening process, which only a few pass. Those that do pass are welcomed to join a talented and dedicated team of on-demand contractors. SerpicoDEV takes the actions necessary to ensure that each member of the team is successful at what they do. When the team members are successful, your project gets delivered with extra care and attention. Here is a small sampling of the contractors that SerpicoDEV works with to ensure your success:

Vincent Serpico
CEO / Software Solution Expert

Vincent is fanatical about creating great software. His guiding principle revolves around customer focus. Vincent specializes in working closely with business stakeholders and translating their needs into successful software applications. Vincent has designed and built numerous software applications from scratch, and led many teams along the way. His philosophy of making his team members as successful as they can be is evident in the applications created and delivered to happy customers. Vincent graduated Cum Laude with honors from Florida International University with a degree in Computer Science. Vincent is an avid reader, enjoys exercise and loves trying new restaurants with his wife and daughters.

Kristan Simmonds
Lead Project Manager / Team Coordinator

Kristan is an experienced senior project manager who is also certified in scrum project management. She began her own company in the tour and golf industry in 2009. Her role in Global Operations has helped her gain intimate knowledge of creating a small business and starting out in the international market. She has also worked as the West Coast Client Services Manager for a market research company where she managed projects for the largest clients and helped to integrate a new offshore model. Kristan graduated with her MBA in Global Management from Thunderbird in 2006. She loves to travel and has lived abroad for a few years where she learned to speak Spanish, French and Portuguese and is currently mastering Hindi and Korean. One of her favorite hobbies is MMA and running, and she is currently training for her third marathon.

Gabriela "Gaby" Esqueda
Project Manager / QA Lead

Gaby joins SerpicoDEV with a breadth of managerial experience spanning both on-site and remote teams. Her specialty is commercial software, and she has experience working with multicultural, multifunctional groups. Gaby is passionate about quality. Her motto is, “software is not finished until it meets all the requirements, has the final user approval and is bug free!” Besides keeping the developers honest with her tough QA standards, Gaby enjoys coaching people to help them grow, and is always willing to help out. In her free time, Gaby enjoys exploring new places and doing new things with her family.

Jon Davies
Systems Analysis / Senior Software Architect / Team Lead

Jon learned a lot about leadership while serving for 4 years in the Air Force as an MP and visiting over a dozen countries. After the military, Jon led a team at Intel as a systems analysis, helping Intel define processes. Jon then moved into software development, where he self-taught .NET and Action Script. He became so proficient, he quickly rose to team lead. Jon enjoys the challenge of learning something new and creating processes. Jon is open to working with most any technologies except, in his own words, “I will not work on an AMD processor!”

Miguel Guerra
Software Developer / Team Lead

Miguel is an experienced developer with expertise in Action Script, the .NET framework, RTMP Servers and Adobe Flash 3D. Before joining SerpicoDEV, Miguel worked as a consultant for a large eLearning company offering solutions to K-12 schools and in the financial sector. His development talent has taken him from his hometown of Monterrey, Mexico to Maryland and to Puerto Rico. Miguel graduated from Universidad de Monterrey with a degree in Computer Systems. When not programming, Miguel enjoys writing poetry, playing chess, volunteering, and spending time with his family and especially with his baby girl 'Kymi', Kyara Michelle.

Iris Escamilla
Software Developer

Iris has 9 years of software development experience, including 2 years as a team lead. She has worked on some very interesting projects, including programming RFID devices with robotic eye tracking. She has developed applications for financial institutions, and has served as an advisory council to the University of Monterrey. Iris is very dedicated and always has a smile on her face. Iris graduated Cum Laude with honors with a degree in Systems Engineering, and is currently pursuing her Master's Degree. In the little free time she has, she spends them with her family visiting the Mexican countryside.

Raymundo Lopez
Software Tester

Ray has been a software tester for 7 years, quickly rising to QA lead. His breath of experience expands several client bases and cultures, which has afforded him the opportunity to work with a wide array of people and projects. Ray is an expert in creating testing plans for large projects, implementing testing scripts for junior level testers, and designing and executing functional, automation and performance tests. His methodology always incorporates QA best practices, which ensure quality testing in a rapid-development environment. Ray is an avid sports fan, and enjoys outdoor sports as a way to exercise and stay in shape. You will also find Ray volunteering in elderly nursing homes on the weekends.

German Rodriguez
Software Developer / Architect / Team Lead

Immersed in cutting edge web development for nearly a decade, German is the proverbial "coder". German is focused on providing great user experiences backed by solid code on the server. He has created web applications for a wide array of users, including mobile web applications and sites created in HTML5. German's development is guided by best practices, including various forms of agile development, which he learned while working alongside senior developers from Microsoft, eBay, Yahoo and Oracle. When he's not coding, you'll find German playing bass in his band Zommer.

Guillermo "Memo" Mendez
Software Developer

Memo joined SerpicoDEV in 2011 after working on several high-profile projects, including Roche, Nissan and BBVA Compass. Memo's varied career has provided him exposure to a breadth of technologies and platforms, including web applications, Windows applications and application development for mobile devices. Memo graduated Universidad del Valle de Mexico with a degree in Systems Engineering. Memo has an enthusiastic personality, and enjoys spending time with family, brewing fresh coffee and living life to its fullest.

Oriol Mendivil
Creative Artist / Font End UI & UX Specialist

Oriol has been emerged in the world of creative arts for over a decade. His experience ranges from editorial and marketing design to product design to web design. Oriol has designed marketing materials for prestigious record labels such as Universal, Vastago and Reyvol. Passionate about every aspect of graphic design, Oriol is proficient with HTML, HTML5 and CSS. Extending his artistic capabilities, Oriol enjoys creating music and plays with a notable Mexican band, which his family regularly enjoys.

Adan Guerra
Creative Artist

Adan is a creative artist that has been immerged in all facets of visual design for over a decade. He is passionate about photography, illustrating and painting. Adán is always learning and seeks challenging projects that allow him to shine. Adan graduated from Universidad de Monterrey with a degree in Graphic Design, and has worked for a variety of companies and universities in Mexico. Adán enjoys writing and enjoys reading self-development books.

Pablo Lopez
Software Developer / Architect

Pablo has been a developer for over twelve years. He specializes in writing web applications using the .NET framework and brings a vast range of technologies together to bind in harmony. Throughout his career, Pablo has been involved in a wide range of projects of different areas, including advertising, mass media, e-commerce, e-learning and much more. He sees the process of writing applications as an art and is always looking for new and better ways to create. When he is not coding and learning, he is spending time with his two daughters, walking or doing some photography.

Vishal Kain
Software Developer

Vishal became fascinated with the study of logic in high school, where he first began coding. His passion has driven him to success in many areas of coding. Vishal has applied his experience with a breadth of programming languages including PHP, C and C++. Vishal’s driving force is "faster.. smarter.. better..". This is evident in the work he has done with Wordpress, Joomla, Facebook apps and mobile applications. Vishal is a multi-faceted, goal-driven developer with a passion for code.

Julio Cantu
Software Developer

Julio has been coding in PHP for over 5 year. His passion is to design, develop, and create applications and web sites using the latest technologies. His strengths lie in PHP5 object oriented code, JavaScript using the JQuery framework, CSS, Smarty Template Engine and MySQL database. Julio is one of those rare programmers that is equally strong on back-end and front-end development. Julio is accustomed to working on large projects, and is a real team player. Originally from Sonora, Mexico, Julio moved to Guadalajara, Mexico in favor of its scenic beauty and unique culture.

Luis Estrada
Software Developer / Architect

Luis has over a decade of experience with Microsoft technologies. Luis has architected, coded and led teams in the development of numerous large-scale projects, including geo-location applications, distributed applications and RIA’s. Luis is one of those rare developers that also has a firm grasp on hardware. Luis architected and implemented a device aware alert system implemented by the Mexican government, an electricity monitoring application that ties software to hardware, and an arbitration system that allows lawyers and clients to video conference on a pay-as-you-go basis. Luis is a world travelers and a huge movie buff, his favorite of which is the Back to the Future series.

Victor Castrejon
Software Developer / Team Lead

Victor has over a decade of web development experience. A veteran developer, Victor has worked with Silicon Valley ventures building a wide variety of systems and platforms, including CRM’s, PoS’s, MRP’s and e-commerce platforms. Victor is well versed in PHP, Python, JavaScript, WordPress and more. He adheres to MVC design patterns and embraces the agile development methodology. Victor has the distinct honor of being the first Mexican to have projects featured in high-profile galleries such as and His driving motto is, “making a better world , webpage by webpage”.

Alejandro González
Creative Artist

Alejandro began working with visual and creative design over a decade ago. During this time, Alejandro has specialized in motion graphics, web design, interactive media, print and identity design. Alejandro has been lead in a variety of projects ranging from creative director in a multinational television broadcaster to designing the identity of several local brands. Living in the heart of Mexico City, Alejandro is just a regular guy who enjoys spending time with his four dogs, practicing martial arts and enjoying good food.

Hipolyto “Polo” Obeso
Mobile App Developer

Polo has 9 solid years’ of experience in web and mobile development. Polo is an expert in HTML, JavaScript, JQuery, ASP.NET, Transact-SQL and Objective-C. Some of Polo’s strengths and skills are outstanding persistence, empathy, administration, planning, and problem solving. Polo is most engaged when he presented a challenge that he can attain a personal best. Polo has developed apps that range from geo-location GPS aware apps to apps that utilize the phone’s full hardware, including audio and video. Polo is a certified Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist (MCTS), and has taught programming to college graduates. In his spare time, Polo enjoys reading, running on the beach and spending quality time with his wife and new born son.

Rafael Bucio Martínez
Java Software Developer

Rafael is an accomplished Java developer with over 6 years of web and desktop experience. Rafael’s charge is “there must be a better way to code this”, which drives him to explore best practices, design patterns and frameworks to create the very best applications. Rafael’s experience spans several verticals, from accounting and financial applications to ecommerce shopping carts. Rafael enjoys reading, swimming, traveling and being with his family (oh, and video games!)

Eric Godínez
Software Developer

Eric is an engineer passionate about software development. He began developing web applications using PHP and then continued to develop his skills with the .NET platform and Java. He loves coding in C#. He has worked in various software development companies in Mexico, broadening his skills. He enjoys working on the front-end of applications implementing jQuery and CSS. Eric always strives to innovate and use the latest technologies in the projects that he is involved. When he is not developing software, you can see him playing guitar, reading or traveling.

Norman Cossio
Creative Artist / Front End UI & UX Specialist

Norman is a highly talented creative artists with a breadth of skill sets spanning HTML, CSS, jQuery and HTML5. Norman has extensive experience in designing user interfaces and user experiences (UI / UX) for desktop, web and mobile devices. He is passionate about new technologies and web standards, and always aims to utilize best practices in his artistic creations. Norman is a certified ACA Adobe Web Communication specialist with Adobe Dreamweaver. He has worked with a large number of projects gaining him extensive experience. When he’s not creating the next visual masterpiece, Norman loves to enjoy a good movie with his family.

Norberto Planchart
Software Developer

Norberto is an experienced and proactive software architect and developer, with a track record of delivering quality solutions. During his 17 years in the IT industry he has participated in a number of large and complex projects in various facets (Programmer, Database Developer, Solutions Architect and Project Leader) using different Microsoft and other related technologies like .Net, SOA, REST, SQL, OLAP, etc. with a high critical sense in the use of technological tools that support business objectives. Norberto is certified by Microsoft as Solutions Developer (.Net), Technology Specialist (SharePoint 2007 & 2010) Microsoft Certified Professional (SQL Server 2005) and Trainer (MCT). Through his blog (, Norberto makes a modest contribution to the community by writing articles and publishing news related to software architecture, data management and programming. Norberto loves playing and watching soccer, and going to the movies!

Seth Weedin
Scrum Master / Technology Specialist

Seth has a wealth of experience in information systems, bridging the gap between application developers and information technology teams. He has 8 years experience in network administration and application support in a variety of technical environments. Seth is also a certified Scrum Master. Seth believes effective communication is the key to successful projects and takes great pride in his ability to facilitate communication between the project team and stakeholders. Seth holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems and a Master’s of Business Administration from Arizona State University. In his free time, Seth enjoys travel, sports and exercise, and being outdoors.

Javier Jara
Software Developer/Architect

Jara has been coding since he was 12 years old. He has earned his "Microsoft Certified Professional” certificate and has contributed to a wide array of projects ranging from POS applications to large scale e-commerce systems. Throughout Jara’s career, he has coded in multiple languages and platforms, including ASP, ASP.Net, PHP, JQuery, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, VB, C # , Windows Azure, SQL Azure, Web Services, and numerous 3rd party API’s. Jara begins a project by analyzing the needs of the client. He dives deep into what the client’s goals are before designing or coding. Jara enjoys a good challenge, and strives to learn something new every day to help improve himself and his development skills.

Leonardo Cid
Mobile App Developer

Leonardo is a software developer with six years of experience in the Mobile Industry. Leonardo began his mobile careerat Gameloft, the largest mobile games development company, developing games for several US, Asian and European cellphone carriers. Leonardo spearheaded the porting of games such as Sprinter Cell and Assassin's Creed to mobile Platforms, as well as in the creations of numerous original games, such as Gangstar. Leonardo also worked as a Brew Developer for one of the largest carriers in Mexico: Iusacell, developing in-house applications as well as public ones. He has also developed apps for electronic magazines and online shopping for one of the biggest retail stores in the world. Leonadro is also proficient in Java SE, Java ME, Brew, Objective-C, C/C++. Leonadro graduated from the Escuela Superior de Cómputo, with a bachelor's degree in Computer Systems Engineering. In his spare time, Leonardo enjoys reading sci-fi and horror novels, writing, playing video-games, listening to music and spending time with his wife and son.

Francisco Zavala
Computer Systems Engineer

Zavala is a computer systems engineer and has a Masters in computer systems, with a speciality in data mining. He has a Microsoft certificate as a technology specialist (MCTS) and 9 years of experience developing in different languages and technologies (ASP.NET, HTML, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, C#, C++, VB.NET, Transact-SQL, Windows Services and Web Services) including commission calculation and payments, inventory management, and reservation systems for tourism companies. In addition, Zavala has a lot of experience in electronic invoicing used in Mexico (CFD, CFDI and CBB). Zavala enjoys using his experience in data mining projects, specifically, text mining and natural language processing. In his spare time, Zavala spends time with his wife and very active 5 year old daughter who he always makes time for.

Alonso Méndez
Web Developer

Alonso is a web developer with over 14 years of experience as an interaction designer and Agile practitioner. During his career, he has worked in many roles including graphic design and web development for complex, international websites. Alonso's passions include painting, information visualization, art, and programming. Alonso lives in Los Cabos, México, eats far too much spaghetti, and wears only blue colors.

Felipe de Jesús
Web Developer

Felipe has been web developer for over seven years. His strong suit is user design, where he focuses a lot of attention to details. He’s in constant search for new technologies and agile development methodologies. Guided by coding best practices, Felipe adapts quickly team synergy. Felipe has had the opportunity to work with many companies and projects that have presented a big challenge, which has paid off by providing solid experience today. Felipe loves photography and good music (indie), and spends much of his free time discovering new creative trends.

Norma Arana
QA Analyst

Norma is a computer systems engineer with experience in web programming, as a team leader in systems development, and QA. For the past four years, she has been focusing as a QA analyst. Her strengths reside in extesnive testing of web applications, creating positive and negative test cases, ensuring that information in the database matches with the information entered in the front-end, use of quality center tools and some management software. Her extensive experience with programming and different operating systems makes an excellent complement in her QA career. Nowadays she is learning how to automate test cases. Norma enjoys walks on the beach and travel.

Jorge Levy
Software Developer / Architect / Team Lead

Jorge Levy joins SerpicoDEV with over a decade of programming experience spanning multiple disciplines including printer device drivers, sales automation tools, and cutting edge web technologies like Silverlight, ASP.NET MVC and Windows 8 application development. Jorge has also worked as a team lead and as an architect on several projects. He is passionate about programming and put his heart and soul into everything he creates. When Jorge is not coding, he spends time with his wife and kids (new one on the way!), cheers for the Patriots, and plays soccer.

David Aguiñaga
Software Developer

David is a fully accomplished web developer with over 6 years of experience plus a decade of academic training background. David is also a self-declared “problem solver guy”; any task, any problem, even though if it seems likely impossible to solve, he's the type of guy who never ceases to search and finally gets the right solutions. Being that said, David likes to challenge himself much further than his skills allow him, which makes him a great addition to the SerpicoDEV team of rock stars. When he's not coding you'll probably find David surfing the awesome beaches of Los Cabos or having a delicious veggie pizza.

Norma Hernandez
QA Tester / Software Developer

Norma is an engineer of Computer Systems and is currently finishing her thesis for her Masters in Computer Systems. She likes to program in Visual Basic.Net, .Net, ASP.NET, PHP, and Java Script. Norma has also spent many years and enjoys testing systems and improving their usage. Norma believes it is important to keep yourself up to date on computer systems. She is happily married and loves her family. It is very important for her to share and enjoy time with them.

Ignacio “Nacho” Ochoa
Software Developer

Nacho is an accomplished Ruby on Rails developer with over 3 years of Rails experience. Nacho also has experience with Linux, JavaScript, PHP, basic shell scripting and, if all else fails, black magic! Nacho, is a talented drummer, and he prefers to bike to his destinations, but only if that destination has a beach.

Able Sierra
Software Developer

Able has been a Ruby on Rails Developer for 4 solid years. He is passionate about new technologies, software development trends, and learning new things (about anything, even outside of development). Able also has experience with PHP, Zend Framework, JQuery, Android SDK, Bootstrap, Web Services, Linux, and more. In his spare time, he enjoys going to the gym, being with my family and walking his pet, whose name is 'Ruby'!

Alan Maciel
Software Developer

Alan has been programming computers since his first Commodore 64 at age twelve, and has been developing interactive web sites since 1998. Alan obtained his degree in computer science from the ITL with specialization in Open Systems and database design. In 2005, he founded Übernetics Agile Software, a small startup which specializes in software development using Scrum and agile methodologies. With more than 15 years designing and developing, Alan has become proficient in web development using Ruby On Rails, Haml, Sass, Git, Cucumber, RSpec, UI design, database design and programming, Agile development methodology. He is also a proficient mobile app developer. Alan lives in León, Guanajuato (land of frogs) México’s with his wife, Verónica and two little babies Ian and Eric. His hobbies include pencil drawing, hiking, and learning through innovation, simplification and pragmatic thinking.

Carlos Chaves
Software Developer

Carlos is a Computer Engineer with 9 years of experience specializing in Microsoft technologies, as we as developing with HTML5, JavaScript, jQuery, CSS, XML and others. He is a proactive person who makes it a point to build strong working relationships with coworkers. Carlos’ past experience with technical support has provided him a good analytical process when reading code. When he is not coding, Carlos loves to spend time with his wife and his family in a rural area in Costa Rica: San Carlos, near the Areal Volcano.

Manuel Cocoba
Software Developer

Manuel loves to code. So much that he retired as a professional basketball player to pursue coding full-time. Manual has been interested in tech since 8 years old, and has been a PHP developer for the past 6 years. Manuel likes to code applications that can help people, and has experience developing websites, mobile apps, HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, and object-oriented backend programming.

Miguel Ochoa
Software Developer

Miguel has been a software developer for 6 years, and for the last 4 years he has been developing .Net applications with Asp.Net MVC and Silverlight. He also has experience with Qlikview to create Business Intelligence reports. He has strong problem solving abilities, as well as strong analytical abilities to determine the best way to implement solutions. He is good at learning new features and technologies on his own. He enjoys reading science fiction books, as well as spending time with his family and playing sports like ping pong and basketball.

José Calderón
Systems Engineer

Jose graduated with a degree in Systems Engineering, and has gained experience in a variety of companies. He has worked creating different types of applications ranging from government applications, ERP, CRM, POS, advertising, media management, casino management, mobile apps, and more. He has experience in platforms such as Asp.Net, MVC, JQuery, HTML, JavaScript, C #, WCF and more. Jose enjoys reading and learning new technologies, and applying all the best practices of programming to his work. Jose is married and has a beautiful family. At the end of 2013, Jose and his wife had their first child, which he says, “God sent us our first baby and we are very grateful for that.” Jose enjoys his free time with his family and friends. He is very active, and especially likes running.

Carlos Calvo
Software Engineer

Carlos is a computer software engineer with a myriad of experience, including Perl, Bash scripting, SharePoint, MVC .Net, MySQL, SQL Server, JavaScript (He really likes this one!) , CSS, HTML5, Responsive Design, and more. Carlos has worked for a number of high-profile companies including Intel, HP R&D Networking, Microsoft (Real State area), and more. When Carlos is not coding for work, he likes to code Node.js and fun stuff like that ☺ And when not coding at all, you can find Carlos playing basketball, going on a run, working out in the gym… or travelling, of which he has a passion for.

Celso Chinchilla
Software Engineer / Tech Lead / Microsoft Expert

Celso has been involved with software development for the past 7 years in a variety of capacities including developer, analyst and, most recently, as a tech lead. Celso is a Microsoft specialist, and has worked diligently to earn the following certifications: MCPS, MCITP, MCTS, MCSA and MCT. Celso has also worked on projects in a wide range of verticals involving technologies such as WPF, ASP.NET MVC, SQL Server, C#, JavaScript, HTML5. Celso enjoys sports (soccer, running, and others), traveling or doing anything that will let him have a good time. Celso is now finishing his Master Degree in Computer Science.

Normando Vazquez
Rails Developer

Normando has been working with Rails for almost 7 years. He has been part of many projects spanning the government and the private sector. He enjoys working with ember.js and other JavaScript frameworks, and has more than a decade of experience with Linux. Normando likes to learn new technologies and apply that knowledge to solve tough problems. In his free time, Normando enjoys going out with his family and friends, read science fiction and fantasy books, watch movies and play video games.

Oscar Gallo
PHP / Web / Mobile Developer

Oscar was attracted to technology at a very young, age as videogames and computers fascinated him. He became proficient at HTML and CSS at age 13, and hosted a page in the old Google Geocities. Oscar’s passions are web and mobile development utilizing PHP and Python in web development, and developing native iOS and Android. When not coding, you can find Oscar reading news about technology, playing videogames or playing airsoft.

Eduardo Nunez
UI / UX Designer

Eduardo is a web designer with more than 7 years of experience as a Webmaster. He enjoys designing and working with HTML, CSS, JavaScript and other development technologies. He also has more than 10 years of experience in advertising and editorial design. Eduardo is always looking to learn new skills and to keep up to date with the evolution of design in the form of technologies such as HTML5, CSS3, new design trends and new development languages. In his spare time, Eduardo enjoys a good movie or television show with his family. Eduardo is married with 2 children and enjoys taking them out and having fun with them.

Nuno Arruda
Front-End Web Developer

Nuno is a professional front-end web developer with more than 10 years of experience. He has a passion for translating beautiful designs into functional user interfaces and building great web applications. He's an expert in HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript, the core front-end web technology standards, and he has experience with numerous libraries, frameworks and tools such as jQuery, AngularJS and Bootstrap. Nuno has worked in many projects for a variety of organizations from start-ups and big enterprises to institutions and local government. He is known for being a fast learner, hard worker, very organized and super attentive to details. Nuno cares about each and every pixel as well as every single line of code. In his free time, Nuno enjoys exercising, listening to music, drinking socially, watching TV shows and attending festivals.

Manuel Rodríguez
QA Lead

Manuel is a rare breed of QA tester as he also holds a degree in Systems Engineering, which helps him test from backend perspectives. He began his career in a data analysis company, and then worked for an on-line gaming company. His current passion is Software QA practices, Process Control and Business Analysis. Manuel has had the opportunity to work with teams from various countries and cultures, making him (in his own words) “a fearless tester”. In his free time, Manuel enjoys “rocking the drums” and expanding his knowledge in different areas by reading lots of books and articles.

Marco Torres
.NET Developer

Marco Torres has spent more than 10 years working in development, with a Bachelor degree in Computer Science from University of Costa Rica and a Master’s degree in Video Game Creation from the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain. Marco is well versed in full-cycle development, architecture and managing software projects with many international companies like AvVenta Worldwide, American Express, Invisalign and Intertec, to name a few. In 2008, Marco started working with Align Technology as a team lead and project manager leading a software development team in the Costa Rica, utilizing many software development standards and methodologies, and working with teams around the world, including cities like Mexico, California and Moscow. By the 2011, Marco earned his Master’s Degree in Europe working in very complex projects with interdisciplinary teams and people around the globe. Besides his professional work, Marco also works with several Non-Profit organizations revolving around social issues.

Leonardo Reyes
Front-End Web Developer

Leonardo is a front-end Web developer and creative engineer. Leonardo likes to learn new technologies and says, “The right tool for the right job”, and it is very evident, as he knows a wide variety of technologies including as Adobe AIR, Action Script 3.0, HTML5, Bootstrap, jQuery, tweenlite.js,, Angular, as well as scripting languages such as PHP and JavaScript. Leonardo also has experience developing mobile apps with HTML5and jQuery mobile and AIR Adobe Flex. He has developed rich E-learning and games in HTML5 and Flash Action script 3.0 alongside with Adobe After Effects 3DstudioMax. When Leonardo is not coding or learning the next new technology, you can find him playing soccer, running with his dogs, or just reading a good book and taking photos.

Silvia Charpentier
Senior Software Engineer

Silvia has a master’s degree in software engineering and more than 8 years of experience in software application development on multiple platforms. She has experience developing windows, web and mobile applications, also has experience in SQL, Postgres and Oracle databases. She has a Microsoft Certification in .Net 2.0 framework and is very strong in mobile development, has experience in iOS SDK with Objective-C, Android SDK and .Net compact framework. She is great on learning new technologies and has very short ramp up into new projects. In her free time, Silvia enjoys biking and playing soccer.

Omar Guzmán
Senior Software Engineer

Omar Guzmán is a Sr. Software Engineer with more than 9 years of diversified experience in design, development and implementation of objected oriented programming (Web Applications and Mobile Development). Omar spent years as an expert in Action Script 3, but innovation drove him to become a Mobile coder enthusiast. Omar loves spending time with his family, Go-Kart racing, spending time at the beach, and going swimming, however, his true passion is motorcycles!

David Romo
.NET Developer

David has been developing .NET web applications for a wide variety of business and government applications, including government surveys, locating of dwellings via geolocation, data mapping, dashboards presentations and more. David has worked very closely with databases to incorporate data search and data mining tools into the applications he has developed. David is a very optimistic person and makes the very most of every opportunity given to him.

Alexander Gizman
.NET / PHP Developer

Jesús Alexander Guzman is a software engineer and code warrior well versed in many platforms. He is passionate about software development. He enjoys leaning new technologies and skills to keep up to date in all of his projects. Alexander is a proficient Back-End .NET developer using Microsoft technologies (ASP.Net, MVC, XML, WPF, LINQ and Entity Framework) and Front-End development using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, frameworks like bootstrap and jQuery. Alexander is also proficient with PHP using Frameworks like Laravel and Zend. In his free time, Alexander enjoys exercising, listening to music, playing videogames, being with his family, wife and friends.

Diego Herrera
Web Designer / Front-End Developer

Diego has spent over twelve years designing and developing web sites and web applications. He embraces web standards to ensure that his projects are interoperable with all major browsers and mobile devices, and as future ready as he can code them. He always strives for special attention to user interface and user experience design, and approaches projects with a mobile first strategies, including adaptive and responsive web, usability and accessibility. When he is not coding, Deigo’s passion is music… listening to music, reading about music, watching documentaries... and he has even written about music on a few websites and print publications... and his next music goal is his own radio show!

Henryk Apostel
Mobile Developer

Henryk is a full-stack mobile developer specializing in native iOS and Android development. He is an expert in advanced development methodologies, and is known as "the problem solver". His passion is to bringing an idea to life; he thrives on working with clients and seeing their visions become a reality. When not coding the next hot mobile app, you'll find Henryk playing sports, especially volleyball.