Using XGBoost to Predict Blood Donations Without Writing Any Code Using Dataiku

Nadaa Taiyab is a Data Scientist at SerpicoDEV with vast experience with data analysis. Her work with Goldman Sachs and the World Bank have honed her BI skills to perfectly compliment her data science skills. We are thrilled to work with Nadaa and delighted by her keen insights she lends.

Nadaa has been experimenting with several Data Science IDE’s in an effort to increase productivity and efficiency. Her first investigation is Dataiku, which provides both a coding environment and a point-and-click interface for cleaning data, training models, and deploying models.

Nadaa set out to test Dataiku’s tool and to answer these three questions:

  1. Will using the Dataiku point and click interface dramatically increase your productivity?
  2. Will you get better results?
  3. Will you be introduced to new algorithms that are not usually part of your standard repertoire?

Read the article to learn how Dataiku’s interface performed:

Using XGBoost to Predict Blood Donations without writing any code using Dataiku

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And stay tuned for Part II of this series where Nadaa explore more Data Science IDE’s…