SerpicoDEV Clients Invited to Present at Angel Network

SerpicoDEV congratulates clients tripchi and The Career Platform for being invited to present
at the illustrious Thunderbird Angel Network (TAN) quarterly angel investor meeting.

“You guys did great!”, Vincent Serpico.

A Legacy of Excellence

SerpicoDEV’s talented teams of developers, designers and testers have created a portfolio of outstanding applications and web sites. Our driving force is quality, quality, and quality. SerpicoDEV is committed to exceeding your expectations with great code, personalized attention and a passion for your success.

Here is a small sampling of some of the projects we have put our hearts into:

» SSDI Claims Web Application

SerpicoDEV helped the nation's leading processor of Social Security Disability Insurance (SSDI) claims build a web application to minimize their claim representatives’ time manually collecting data for claim processing. The application consists of a multimedia front end that engages SSDI claimants in a meaningful way to collect pertinent data. The data collected is passed to a backend server and stored in a database for reporting and analytics.

The project was built using ASP.NET MVC3 C# and SQL Server 2008 R2. Communication between the multimedia and backend ASP.NET servers is facilitated with a combination of JavaScript and JQuery. A dashboard for claim representatives to analyze the progress of claimants helps the company track progress and alert claimants in real time. The technological achievement of this project resides in the decoupled and disparate applications all working in conjunction to provide a seamless flow of data collection from the multimedia front-end to the backend servers and database to the claimant reps dashboard.

» Sales Motivation Web Application

SerpicoDEV achieved a new milestone in speed and efficiency when we built a comprehensive sales motivation web application for a national reseller of satellite TV. When other bidders turned the project down, citing a 3-4 month timeframe needed, SerpicoDEV accepted the challenge and delivered in just 30 days!

The application draws employee and sales data from a CMS database to create an interactive motivation tool. Sales reps engage in wide variety of competitions to meet goals and interact with the system improve their salesmanship abilities. A detailed admin section allows the company managers to filter, set and tweak all aspect of the application, minimizing their need for ongoing development. The application was built using PHP and Code Igniter with a MySQL database and API to the CMS.

Energy Monitoring Web Application (Albert™)
Alber EOS
When Aclarity, Inc. needed an experienced software development team to write a web application to interface with their handheld energy monitoring device, they hired SerpicoDEV. Aclarity’s handheld USB energy device allows anyone to efficiently monitor home energy consumption and usage. SerpicoDEV’s team of engineers built a bridge between the device and backend servers, as well as a web application to visual and manage the data from the device. A work in progress, Aclarity’s home energy monitoring device and accompanying web application will help millions of energy-conscious customers manage and save on their monthly electric bills.

The application is written in ASP.NET MVC3 C# using a SQL Server 2008 R2 database. In order to maintain cross-O/S compatibility with MACs and PC’s, the device bridge is written in Java. A light weight Java server runs in the background facilitating communication with the USB device and the backend ASP.NET servers. JavaScript and JQuery round out the Messenger-Receiver design pattern to achieve a symphony of technology data flow and visualization.

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eComm Marketplace for Interactive How-To Guides
uTurn Guide
UTurn Guide is a lead generation tool for service providers. Leads are generated by the sale of high-quality, time-based interaction how-to guides. Service providers can create highly interactive, unique how-to guides that can track a user’s interaction. In addition, buyers can interact with the guides’ authors for a sense of personalized attention. Authors can sell additional services in each guide and check out with PayPal, and generate revenue through Google Ad Sense. UTurn Guide was created using ASP.NET MVC2 using C# with an Entity Framework database connecting to SQL Server 2008. The application makes heavy use of JavaScript and JQuery to interact with backend servers. The app is hosted on Windows Azure.

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» Self-Serve Greeting Cards

When Synergy Agile needed to create a system of self-serve greetings cards for non-profits like the Red Cross, they called SerpicoDEV. Our teams of .NET developers carefully evaluated the project and created a development plan that fit their budget and timeline. Using the best of agile and scrum, the project stayed on track, on-time and in budget. That’s SerpicoDEV’s commitment.

» API Integrations

SerpicoDEV’s team of developers are experts at API integrations. We have worked with companies such as The Career Platform, Cornerstone and G2Events to integrate API’s from Salesforce, Outlook, Appointment-Plus, LinkedIn, Zoom and more. Make your systems talk to each other with SerpicoDEV’s API experts.

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» Team Extensions

SerpicoDEV has the talent you need to supplement your existing development team. From .NET and PHP developers to User Experience (UX) experts and QA testers, SerpicoDEV can help compliment your development team. Whether the need is for a single resource for a short-term project, or a whole team for a long term goal, we have helped a wide array of companies including Appointment-Plus, Facility Source, Stock Trend Spotter, Prime Source Development, Pass-Fail, Learning Evolution and much more. Our resources integrate directly with your team to provide the added needed resources to get the job done on-time.

» Project Based Work

SerpicoDEV understands you have a budget. We get it. That’s why we offer fixed-rate project-based work. And when we say we’ll deliver your software for $X, we mean $X. No hidden charges or upsells like the other guys. That’s why so many companies like The Board Institute, Your Healthy Journey, Hurley Write, G2Events, Cornerstone, The Career Platform, Quadras and more trust SerpicoDEV. When you have a project, you’re in good hands with SerpicoDEV!

The Career platform
The Career Platform

Colleges across the country are failing to connect recent college graduates to relevant jobs and career paths. This is because traditional college career services don’t meaningfully engage with students, teach students adequate networking and job hunting skills, or provide advanced online job searching tools. That is why Career Platform was created. And Career Platform chose SerpicoDEV to create, design and implement the entire platform from A-Z.

Career Platform is a cloud-based platform that enables a college’s career services to better engage, collaborate and monitor students in their career placement process. This platform is designed to help colleges provide students with customized and relevant career opportunities that result in higher job placement in more applicable jobs. Built on a scalable .NET framework, Career Platform helps hundreds of thousands of students find meaningful employment through customized career services and job searches.

Wellness Corporate Solution's web app
Wellness Corporate Solution's web app

Wellness’s web App is a scheduling system integrated with Appointment-Plus’s API to provide employees of large companies with a platform to book appointments for health screenings and checkups via their own company Wellness link. The application also has an Admin side that allows companies to book appointments for employees, change logos and texts and add new events and appointments to the system.


G2Events is an Appointment-Plus API and Zoom API integration which makes it possible for users to create a meeting invite through Appointment-Plus to invite others to a meeting which will show up in their Outlook calendars and then easily link them into a zoom meeting where they can all see each other.

» SharePoint

Yes, SerpicoDEV has SharePoint experts. When the job calls for architects and developers that need to know the ins and outs of SharePoint, we’ve got you covered. Our SharePoint developers are in demand from Chicago to New York to California, specializing in Sharepoint Custom Workflows and Infopath Forms. Yes, we do SharePoint!

» iOS and Mobile Compatibility

The Board Institute provides boards of directors with world-class evaluation tools to assess performance, benchmark best practices and educate their directors on corporate governance. Boards of directors can spell the difference between success and failure. Great boards mean great companies, hence the great success of their web application. However, increasingly board members need to access TBI application on an iPad and other mobile devices and tablets. SerpicoDEV sprang into action! Our team of CSS and JavaScript experts customized TBI’s existing applications to format and run smoothly on all iOS devices and Android devices. Now board members can access TBI’s portfolio of application from anywhere.

» Corporate Web Sites

SerpicoDEV’s UI / UX designers knows what it takes to create a professional and modern looking corporate web site. Your company needs a first-line-of-contact, and your corporate presence is the first impression you convey to your customers. Trust SerpicoDEV to design and implement a smart, professional looking corporate web site. We will work with you to determine your goals, and then iteratively produce a stunning site that your customers will love. The site you are currently looking at ( was created by SerpicoDEV’s expert UI / UX designers. Delegate IT, Thunderbird School of Global Management’s new Veteran’s Entrepreneurship Program, and HOT Riot also trust SerpicoDEV to create their corporate presence.

View some of our latest projects...

» Product Consulting

Kryterion is a full-service test development and delivery company that provides world-class online testing technology integrating item banking, test delivery and real time reports; while leveraging a global network of testing centers. Kryterion is the market leader in live Online Proctoring, which utilizes remote video monitoring to observe test takers where they live, learn or work. When Kryterion needed assistance in evaluating their application code, they hired SerpicoDEV. We dug deep into their core code and identified strengths and opportunities for improvement. SerpicoDEV presented Kryterion with a comprehensive report that provided the basis for management decisions and direction.

SerpicoDEV provides a wide variety of software services to ensure your success. This page highlights a small sampling of just a few of our customers and relationships. To learn more, contact us now.