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The SerpicoDEV Advantage!

Single Point of Contact

At SerpicoDEV, we know the difficulties and complexities involved in managing a team of developers and testers. Most entrepreneurs do not speak "geek". Hence, it becomes difficult to convey your value proposition to developers, and ensure they are creating and delivering the best code possible.

SerpicoDEV solves this dilemma by offering you a single point of contact. We call this single point of contact a Software Solution Expert. Think of a combination business analyst / project manager / architect. Our Software solution Expert speaks both "geek" and "business", with a background in business, management and software development. By dealing with a single person, you are able to forge a relationship such that the Software Solution Expert truly understands your needs, and is able to efficiently communicate those needs to a team of developers and testers.

Leverage the Power of Teams

Your Software Solution Expert will interface with the development team on a daily basis. Sometimes referred to as agile or scrum, all Software Solution Experts at SerpicoDEV have deep experience with business analysis, coding and software architecting, and project management. Each and every day, a daily scrum meeting is held to review progress, address issues, and steer the ship.

Every week, and often more than that, you and your Software Solution Expert will review our progress. This provides you the opportunity to evaluate the implementations with real demos, discuss short-term goals and, if needed, change direction. The key to our success is the constant contact between you and your Software Solution Expert, and the daily contact between your Software Solution Expert and their development team.

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