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Have your cake and eat it, too

SerpicoDEV specializes in project work for start-ups, entrepreneurs and emerging business units. However, we realize there are times when you need a dedicated resource to report directly to your project manager. That’s why SerpicoDEV offers highly talented developers, designers and testers on a times and materials basis. Work directly with the finest developers, designers and testers to help out during crunch time, track down and fix bugs, work on backlogs or just do some R&D.

All resources are hard-working experts that speak great English. Work directly with one of SerpicoDEV’s team members at a fraction of the cost of a U.S. based resource. You can even invite a SerpicoDEV team member to your daily scrums as their time zone is your time zone! Get the best of all worlds by contracting a SerpicoDEV team member. Contact us for more information.