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About SerpicoDEV

Very often, software development companies talk about "what" they do: Java development, .NET development, PHP, iPhone / iPad, etc. Rarely do they explain "why" or "how" they do what they do. At SerpicoDEV, our core is about the "why" and "how"... and that's what sets us apart from your run-of-the-mill software development companies.

SerpicoDEV is passionate about creating software. We thrive to bring ideas to life. It's what drives us, and that's "why" we develop software. Behind this passion for creating software is an unparalleled enthusiasm and dedication. We offer superior customer service to ensure that your goals are met, even if those goals change. We are ultra-responsive and always there for you!

Backed by years of experience, we build commercial software from our customer's ideas. SerpicoDEV translates your business needs into viable software solutions. Utilizing a team of a Software Solution Expert and near-shore developers and testers, we work closely with your stakeholders. The SerpicoDEV team engages our customers with a unique agile software development methodology that is fast, efficient, and very affordable. And that's "how" we develop software.

About Vincent Serpico

Vincent Serpico has a strong passion for creating software. He draws his energy from transforming ideas into useful commercial software. He enjoys working with entrepreneurs; start-ups and new business units, helping them realize their business goals. Vincent defines "success" as creating commercial software that matches the goals of the stakeholders.

Vincent Serpico's work ethic was molded while working in the family business back in Brooklyn, New York. Dedication, commitment and a fanatical level of customer service defines Vincent. These traits are evident throughout all levels of SerpicoDEV. Vincent only works with developers who are equally committed to excellence. When you engage SerpicoDEV, you will be extremely pleased with the quality of work and level of customer service and dedication.

"Vincent is one of the most valuable people I have ever met – he quickly understands the scope of the project down to the last detail. He has a deep technical knowledge, helps define requirements, is self-motivated, works hard and offers additional insight that adds value to our products and our business. Plus, Vincent is easy and fun to work with. I highly recommend Vincent and the SerpicoDEV team!"

Kristy Gale, Esq